About Us
India has 20 million orphaned children on record. The Human Bridge is a movement to enable and empower orphan kids through mentoring, career guidance, and teaching of basic life skills. The Human Bridge focuses on a unique model of long-term mentoring and support which gives children the consistent emotional support that they need, and we’ve garnered passionate involvement from the community around.

Our vision is to see that children living in orphanages around us eventually live a life, as meaningful, happy and successful as any of us. To achieve this, we’re creating robust programs and systems, with effort centered around volunteering, community service, awareness, strategy, recruitment, mental well-being and content creation.
What We Do
The Human Bridge has a three point agenda:
  • Mentoring
  • Exposure & career guidance
  • Teaching essential life skills

We do this through:
  • Weekend visits to orphanages
  • Diverse group of volunteers
  • Unconventional educational activities & multimedia
  • New & unique sessions designed every week
  • Long term interaction & support - locally or remotely
Our Journey So Far
We use teaching as a means to know the children better, and provide them with mentoring and long term support.

We assess children individually and give individualized attention and mentoring to each one of them, depending on their own wants and needs.

Our current batch of 50 children located in Chennai, India has been engaged in over 170 unique activities with over 450 hours of volunteering effort being put in, and an unprecedented 100% success rate in the 12th board exams held in 2018.

Currently we operate in two cities in India - Chennai & Bangalore - and we're happy to work with you if you want to join us, or if you want to start the same programme at an orphanage near you, wherever you are.
Reach out to us
We're happy to hear from you for anything that you want to share. We need all the help that we can get, in the form of volunteering, mentoring, or helping out these kids in need when they grow out of the orphanage.

Do write to us if you want to join us in visiting these kids, if you want to let us know you'll be there when a child needs, or if you even just have any thoughts, ideas or questions for us! And most definitely let us know if you want us to reach out to a children's shelter home near you.

The Human Bridge

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